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Jerry "Botz" Cerchia

  • APA U.S. Amateur Participant (2013 Finalist)

  • Hudson Valley APA League Representative since 2007

  • APA Member since 2002

  • Electrician

  • Custom Cue Collector



Brendan "Benna" Grech

  • APA U.S. Amateur Participant

  • APA Member since 2008

  • AWS Certified Welder


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Q&A with B&B

Responses by Jerry “Botz” Cerchia and Brendan “Benna” Grech

How did this all start for you guys?

Botz: It was all kind of sudden to be honest. I had been installing tips for people locally by hand for quite a few years. It took some work but I had the tools to do it. Always told myself man…. “ man I wish I had a lathe!.” One day the opportunity arose for that dream to become a reality. A long time hardware store owner in Yorktown Heights, NY had a private room in the back of his store with a cue lathe and tons of accessories and wood and more. It turned out he was very well known in the Billiard World as NY George. He had passed away and friend of mine who was his best friend approached me asking if I knew of anyone that would be interested in purchasing his cue lathe and other tools and supplies. I told him to let me sleep on it. I spoke to Benna and he was like hell yea! That was all I needed to hear. Nothing like doing something with a guy who is like a brother to me and doing something related to what we love.

I have always been intrigued by custom cues and I have been lucky enough to deal with some great cue builders over my years of collecting, trading, and selling customs. Now it was time to learn how to build our own custom cues and enter a whole new world of pool. Time to provide a service local to us that is not offered, cue repairs and sales of pool and billiard supplies. And that’s the birth of B&B Cue Works.

Benna: I developed a love for the game during trips to a senior center with my grandfather when I was young. I remember watching some of the old men making unbelievable shots and it really got me interested. Although I didn't get too serious about it until my 20’s.

What are some things that are important for people to know about your business?

Botz: With Benna and myself being around the trades most of our lives (him welding, myself electric), our attention to detail and quality of work will always be the best. We made a commitment to never let anything leave the shop we wouldn’t be happy with ourselves. We take our time, we put everything into our work whether we are simply removing a dent from a shaft, replacing a tip or ferrule, or building a cue. No shortcuts or shortcomings are acceptable in our shop.

Benna: I would like prospective customers to know that this business came out of a true passion for quality craftsmanship. We strive for 100% perfect product 100% of the time. If it doesn't feel right we will continue to work until we are happy. We take their cues as our own. We always want a happy customer above all else.

What makes you an expert in this area?

Botz: In no way would I ever consider myself an “expert” but I am very knowledgeable when it comes to pool and cues. I also have been lucky enough to make great friends and acquaintances over the 15 years I have been playing pool and collecting/trading cues. If I don’t have the answer, I certainly have the means to acquire the information from a true expert.

Benna: I have 15 years of fabrication and construction expertise. I am constantly working the mechanical side of the business. The more nuts and bolts side . Jerry has the extensive players side.  Being one of the highest rated players in the Hudson valley I rely on his knowledge and years of high level play. Together we make a great combination of knowledge. Being great friends just makes this more fun than a job. 

Why should people trust this business?

Botz: Simple, because you are dealing with 2 trustworthy guys, WITH HEARTS. I am a believer that that is what it takes to make a business work. It starts at the top with the operators of a business. If they don’t care, then it will show in the quality of the work.

Benna: Trust... A word we both hold in high regard. From a $50 cue to a $8000 custom, we know its your prized possession. We let our work speak volumes. From the moment you contact us to the moment you receive your cue back we want you to feel at ease. Our reviews reflect our passion and our quality.  Work with us once and you'll never go anywhere else. 

What are some things that are important for people to know about you?

Botz: Things people should know about me…. Well I am an honest guy and there is no quit in my blood. I did NOT build myself that way. There are times where I have to drop back and punt, but I don’t give up. Sometimes having a minute to refocus is what it takes to get the job done properly. I am not afraid to ask for help or being honest with a mistake I may have made. I am not afraid to tell it how it is either. I try not to “sugarcoat” anything. It accomplishes absolutely nothing. 

Benna: People should know that this is for me is the perfect scenario. Delivering quality products and services with someone who cares as much as I do makes this a passion and not a job. 

What makes you passionate about this venture?

Botz: Not just in this venture, but I am passionate in everything I do. Whether it’s working on a cue, helping a player, playing with my daughter, etc, I put everything I have into getting it done. I tend to think I am pretty well liked by many and I hold an outstanding reputation with the APA Pool League, so I do not want to lose that or fail. Passion for success is where it’s at for me.

Benna: What Makes this passionate for me is developing a reputation for quality work. Being a name people can trust. Both of us believe in respect and in a time where your word and product mean something. A blend of new school technique and old school quality. Delivering this time and time again makes this a passion.